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Connecting Nature and Nurturing to Academic Excellence

Your input is enormously important in ensuring the ReEcho School meets your child’s needs.

We would very much appreciate 5 minutes of your time to fill out our survey.

Parent Survey

Demographic Information

What is your relationship to the Child?

Needs and Interests

Do you believe there is a need for an
independent Elementary Shool in the area?

School Preferences

What Are Your Top Priorities When Considering a
New School for Your Child? (Select All That Apply)

Curriculum and Instruction

What Type of Curriculum Do You Prefer for Your Child?

Facilities and Resources

Parent Involvement and Communication

How Important is It for You to Be Involved in Your Child's Education and School Activities?
What Methods of Communication Would You Prefer for Staying Updated About Your Child's Progress and School Events?

Financial Considerations

Are You Interested in Financial Aid or Scholarship Opportunities?